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- Full face requires a £20 deposit. Bridal, Bridal+ and Photoshoots/Videoshoots require a £50 deposit. This will be deducted from the final cost. Bank details will be provided.

- Deposits are non refundable unless in the unlikely event that we cancel.

- If booking is within 6 hours of start time you will be charged a £5 surcharge.

- 90 minute bridal trials will include a maximum of 2 looks.

- Prices remain the same WITH or WITHOUT trials or touch ups.

- Client will be liable to pay for any additional travel costs which include parking fees, parking tickets and petrol. Travel costs are added on top of the booking fee.

- Parking must be avaliable within a 3 minute walk of the booking location. If no parking is available we have the right to cancel the appointment.

- Bookings must start on time as we run a tight schedule.

- A late fee of £10 will be included if we are made to wait for over 10 minutes. If after 30 minutes the client has failed to show up without a valid reason the booking will be cancelled.

- Once our service has been completed there will be no refund or discounts.

- By choosing to use our service, you consent to us owning the rights to all pictures and videos taken by us and agree that we have the right to post to our social media.

- All prices are final. There will be no negotiations.

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